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My name is Yuriy Koltoniuk, I am an advocate in Ukraine, beginning from 2009 I am rendering legal services to legal entities and individuals. Now I am giving legal aid to military servicemen who defend our country and to the close relatives of vanished and deceased Ukrainian and foreign warriors. Together with my team we have a result based fee approach.

Everyone who needs my help in any issue (legal related or others) on the territory of Ukraine can apply directly to me.

How to receive Ukraine state guaranteed one-time payout for the perished soldier from International Legion during wartime in Ukraine.

A lot of non-Ukrainian citizens-soldiers are courageously fighting for Ukraine and for the whole civilized world.

They are fighting in the armed forces of Ukraine as part of International Legion.

Unfortunately, some of them are dying in battles or from inflicted injuries.

In Ukraine close relatives (parents, spouse, children) of deceased soldiers are eligible to obtain a state guaranteed one-time payout in the amount of 15 million UAH (around 400 000 US dollars).

The legislative basis for abovementioned payout is Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decree # 168 from 28.02.2022 and Ministry of Defense of Ukraine resolution # 45 from 25.01.2023

For receiving this payout close relatives of deceased soldiers have to submit a list of documents to the local territorial centers of completing and social support (former military commissariats).

The latter are sending all documents and materials to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine that takes decision on assignment of this one-time payout.

Among documents that should be submitted for receiving this one-time payout are, for example, death certificate of the deceased soldier, birth or marriage certificate of close relatives, certificate on absence of criminal record of close relatives etc.

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I have a result based fee approach

On behalf of all Ukrainian people I want to express you my sincere gratitude that your relatives –soldiers are fighting for all us and sacrifice their lives.